The qualification allows pilots to fly during night time in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) – this opens up whole new world of flying. Flying VFR night is very different to VFR day and many find it more enjoyable. For pilots with a professional path, Night Rating is a requirement for IR(A).

Course entry requirements

  • PPL(A)holder


If the privileges of an  PPL (A) holder, to be exercised in VFR conditions at night.

Course description

The night qualification consists of minimum of 5 hours of flight training. Three of which must be dual with 1 hour night navigation exercise. The solo time must include 5 full stop landings.


Description Amount Unit price EUR Total EUR
Cessna 172 N 5 150 750
Flight instructor 5 30 150
Ground training 1 1.100 1.100
Total EUR 2.000


Training fees are covering the following items and services:

  • Instructor time for ground school & practical training
  • Plane rental, including fuel

*All training fees are bound to the actual exchange rates of the local currency of the SAS FTO  base where the training or a part of the training is provided.


Night qualification can be obtained in about one week, depending on the trainees’ time availability.