PPL Course

Career start

Candidates are recommended to poses knowledge of mathematics, physics and
english, enabling them to understand and apply the  knowledge into practical instruction.

Course duration, training costs

The course takes about 90-120 days (depending on the student’s abilities and absorption of provided information ).

In the above costs there are the following included:

  • 120 hours theoretical training  
  • 50 flight hours practical training

This price includes :

  • radio operator certificate.
  • medical license class 2 ppl 
  • VFR night rating 
  • manuals, plotters and CBTs
  • pilot logbook for PPL

Price: 13.000 Euro  English speaking teachers and instructors included.

Theoretical course

  • PPL - A - EASA Courses

    • Air Law 15 hours
    • Aircraft knowledge 15 hours
    • Flight planning 10 hours
    • Human performances 10 hours
    • Meteorology 30 hours
    • Air Navigation 20 hours
    • Operational procedures 10 hours
    • Principles of flight  15 hours
    • Comunications 30 hours
    • Total   155 hours
      Flight hours  50 hours
  • Info:

    The course is developed according to the requirements of Subpart C JAR FCL1
    The theoretical part: 120 hours (around 4 weeks )

    To the training course there is attached a class SEP Land course.
    The practical part: no less than 50 hours flying the Cessna 172 N, divided into progressive exercises in order to acquire the necessary skills for piloting a single-engine airplane (SEP) as pilot in command.

    Also ih this course is included a 5 hours of  VFR night training .

  • Certificates:

    At the end of the course, attesting the completion of the theoretical course and practical training in flight students will pass an examination with  Romanian CAA  for theoretical knowledge and skill test.

    Progressive results obtained transcripts are archived by law, can be made,
    upon request, available to the student or organization that you delegate.

    Based on documents issued by SASFTO, the student can present to obtain a PPL  License from the Authority.