Rent a plane

Cessna 172 N Aircraft

Our company offers you  Cessna C172 N for rental with pilot.

Flight occurs only in favorable weather conditions VMC – VFR

The aircraft is equipped with equipment that allows IFR flights only from and to Certified Airports

The flight is starting from Strejnic airfield, witch has a concrete runway  08-26, PAPI lights, VOR and night lights.

For customers which they require to start from Baneasa Airport (LRBS) there will be an additional cost for landing and operating fees.

Rent an airplane

  • Fly to any airports or airfields in Romania

    Cruising speed: 226km/h

    Distance: 1200 km

    Fixed pitch propeller

    Pasengers: 3

  • Info

    • Flights may be done to any opened airports or airfields in Romania.
    • The aircraft is equipped with equipment that allows IFR flight
    • To receive a quotation you must tell us your destination, so we can calculate the most advantageous route
    • Use contact form for a price quotation
    • You can get in a very short time to your destination whether it is Constanta, Costinesti, Tuzla, Cluj, Timisoara …