About Us

SA-365N1 Dauphin 2

YR-SCS aircraft dedicated to aero taxi operations.

SA-365N1 Dauphin 2

YR-SBS aircraft dedicated to aero taxi operations.

Cessna 172 N

YR-BWA  Aircraft for rental and pilot instruction.

Aerial photography and filming

Our company offers you  Cessna C172 N for rental at a best price 150 E / hour without pilot.

We are good in what we do !

Sasfto team consists of professors and instructors with aviation experience.

We  want to share with you  the secrets of flight so you, the future pilot,  to have a solid theoretical and practical training.

Fly with us



  • Pilot for a day

    Are you passionate about flying and you’re curious to see how easy it is to fly an airplane ?

    Live the feeling of freedom !

    Are you passionate about photography and want to impress your friends with spectacular images “taken” from above ?

  • Private pilot school PPL/A EASA license

    The theoretical part: 185 hours (around 4 weeks )

    To the training course there is attached a class SEP Land course.
    The practical part: no less than 50 hours flying the Cessna 172 N, divided into progressive exercises in order to acquire the necessary skills for piloting a single-engine airplane (SEP) as pilot in command.

    Also ih this course is included a 5 hours of  VFR night training .

  • Building hours

    Our company provides it`s airplanes to licensed pilots who seek to build up their flying experience towards comercial aviation.

    The flights are operated with Cessna 172 N.

    For priceing please use the contact form.

  • Aerial photo

    Through our company you can photo shoot the areas that are of interest to you.

  • Aero taxi

    You can reach any airport in romania in a short period of time. Call for rates!